Monday, February 14, 2011

EL Zombo Comic con 2011 pinup

This is a pin-up for the El Zombo book that will be debuting at Comic con with a series of great artists. If your going, come to the artist alley and say hi to me and the creator Dave Wilkins.

I will also be doing a mini comic with the Zombo character, that will be in the book as well.


Pit said...

Not in real relation with this precise post, but i wanted to thank you for your class at cgmw. That was a real pleasure to learn from you. I just discover your blog and works, and i must say you are a very talented concept designer (your draftsman skills are pretty sick! )
So a big thanks to you again, especially for those who can't afford art school and for all the self-taught artists in the field.
Hope to see more of your works in the future.
Best regards.

Pierre Graf.

Randy Bantog said...

Really love the stuff here on your blog! I especially dig the work you did for that coca cola commercial.